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Hi. I have a Wordpress weblog hosted at my own website, I've been refining the features and design, and I really like it. I haven't found any other theme yet that I can edit to be as elegant but also as attractive. I like it. It is a modified version of the Sirius theme. I love writing my content, and intend to put some time into blog entries and promotion in the coming months.

My issue is, I want to add an AdSense add in the sidebar, and probably a photo as well... but this theme is not Widgetized. The sidebar is PHP. I can totally include the code if that's helpful to anyone in helping me, but I won't unless someone mentions it (don't want to bore people with it).

My question is: will it be possible to add an adsense ad, and maybe a photo? I know that sidebar Widgets allows you to do this, but I just like this design a lot now.

Tell me please: what will it take to get an adsense ad and maybe a photo in the sidebar code?

Will it be possible after I do this to rearrange the order of sidebar items by rearranging the items in the sidebar code?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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