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Originally Posted by acash0902 View Post
i have no idea what the benefits are to it.
I don't understand much of it, either. But it's fun to think about.

The last time a company pre-empted a Jobs announcement it was Adobe, wasn't it? And soon after, Jobs anounced Aperture.

Then IDG Books moved its computer exposition to Boston from New York, or the other way around. Jobs pulled out, if I remember correctly, and banned IDG's books from the Apple website.

So if Sun's CEO ignored history for the sake of making a splash announcement, maybe Jobs is rewriting his speech to announce that Apple bought Sun just to fire him.

This story says:
ZFS is afilesystem developed by Sun that is 128-bit, meaning it offers 16 billion billion times the capacity of 32- or 64-bit systems -- virtually unlimited by today's standards. ZFS also offers increased performance because it is transactional object model rather than more traditional I/O mechanisms.

Another purported benefit of ZFS is the elimination of various administration and maintenance routines required by other filesystems. For instance, the fsck command never has to be run, even if the system is shut down in an unclean fashion -- the creators claim that ZFS has never lost data integrity or leaked a single block after thousands of forced violent crashes.
The story from a link in a previous post makes it sound like ZFS is the JavaScript of OSes. It doesn't care whether a system is little endian or big endian.

Maybe ZFS could have eliminated the app mess brought on by the switch to Intel. For that matter, maybe it could have eliminated the mess when Apple switched to OS X. But more to the point, ZFS might allow Windows apps to run natively on Leopard.

On the other hand, if every app has to be rewritten yet again, there'd be blood on the streets of Cupertino. There might be, anyway, if ZFS means all those rewrites are moot.
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