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Originally Posted by Flighty
I cannot connect my PC running Windows XP Home, using a NETGEAR WG311v2 wireless PCI card to a Mac running 10.3.4 with airport extreme.

I have tried ad-hoc but that only allows the Mac to connect to the PC, not the PC to the Mac.

Does anyone know how to do this?

hi, i have the same thing, and after an hour, i was able to connect. i had to go into the advanced settings on the card itself, and one of the properties is called SSID and I set that to the SSID of my network.

system properties -> device manager -> right click your wireless card and select properties -> advanced tab -> SSID

i am not at home, so i cannot verify that is exactly where i found it, and after browsing ten thousand properties windows, rebooting my airport 100 times, i cant recall exactly when/where i found it =)

only at that point did it actually connect. the only problem i have now is that it randomly disconnects me which closes my vpn, and any other application that wants a continuous connection.

ill check to see what settings i have on my airport station, but i think i just have WEP and MAC filtering enabled.
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