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Not sure if this should go in this forum or in the OS X Operating System forum, but here it is! This one feature alone is enough to make me upgrade to 10.5. I can't tell you how excited I am by this! ZFS has virtually unlimited capacity support (16 exabytes per storage pool, file system, file, or file attribute) and many awesome features in terms of RAID, storage management, etc. My only question is what Apple will do with their desktops - ZFS is best implemented in a multi-drive environment. There are rumors that the Mac Mini and 17" iMac are going to be killed off, so maybe a Mac Pro "Lite" tower or dual-drive iMac?

Perhaps overcome with excitement (and forgetting that Apple doesn't like such pre-emptive disclosures), Sun's Jonathan Schwartz announced today at Sun event in Washington D.C. that Apple would be making ZFS "the file system" in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard (video link, requires RealPlayer).

In fact, this week you'll see that Apple is announcing at their Worldwide Developer Conference that ZFS has become the file system in Mac OS 10.

Rumors of Apple's interest in ZFS began in April 2006, when an OpenSolaris mailing list revealed that Apple had contacted Sun regarding porting ZFS to OS 10. The file system later began making appearances in Leopard builds.

ZFS has a long list of improvements over Apple's current file system, Journaled HFS+. More information on ZFS is available at the ZFS homepage and Wikipedia.

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