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Has anyone had any of the issues with senuti that the comments section on the download site mentions?

I had my Itunes library on my old PC harddrive (which since died). Now i want to transfer my 5th gen 80gb ipod content including videos to my new imac.

However since the ipod content is the only remaining copy of the files (lost some of the CDs ages ago), I'm extremely nervous about using this and losing data.

I also think that the transfer itunes purchases but nothing else option is extremely cynical and downright out of order. Why the **** shouldn't you be able to transfer the entire library if you've copied it off CDs that you PAID for?

This is just a deliberate apple ploy it seems to push people to buy itunes content. Itunes content in the UK is rubbish anyway, why is it country specific? There are movies and albums on the USa store that I'm BANNED from buying becuase I'm registered in Britain. Thanks Apple...

Also one last thing, whats people's experience with Apple store staff? Will they feed me the company line and be unhelpful or will they actually understand the ridiculous nature of the situation and try to help? Call me jaded but I've had many problems with PC tech support people in the past.
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