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Did a forum search, but couldn't find the information I was looking for. I've been editing with FCP on my g5 for 2 years now. As a pay-my-own-way college student, I didn't have the extra coin to buy a mac display after I dropped most of my savings on the tower itself. Right now I have an old Sony Cpd-g420s. It's a dinosaur. Sure it has great screen resolution, fast response rate etc, but it's probably 10 years old by now, weighs nearly 60lbs, and it's getting finicky so I need to upgrade before it dies.

I'm a video student, and do my editing on my own machine rather than in the labs at my school. I'm not super anal about pefect picture quality, colors etc. All I want is a flat-panel widescreen monitor no smaller than 19" that I can edit on with little fuss. Again want to stress that i'm not looking for top of the line. I can't even afford a mac cinema display, though I'd love to have one. My budget is about $300. I've done a lot of searching and have found a bunch of monitors in my price range, but I dont know a whole lot about what specifications I should be looking for. What is the minimum screen resolution, response rate, aspect ratio etc that I can get away with editing with?

thanks for any help/advice you can provide.
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