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I have the 2ghz macbook running osx 4.9.
ok in a nutshell here is my problem(s)

unplugged an external hard drive without "ejecting it" (i know, i know, i've learned my lesson) this was done while the laptop was on but the cover was shut, so it was hibernating (i guess). So the external is all jacked up, tried disk utility and disk warrior, still didn't mount.

next i turned to tech tool pro 4, and started using the recovery option, specifically the, "recover files using protection data" feature. it had been scavaging my files for over 2 days (and was still only half way done!) at some point last night my wife upluggd the external!!!!!!!!! thus stopping the scavage.

what i did not realize is that in scavaging tech tool pro was keeping some kind of log on the internal hard drive, eating up my storage space. i used the smart folder to search for any huge files, and there appears to be a 20gb log file that I am assuming was created by tech tool pro......Soooooo, does anyone know anything about this? can i open this file and perhaps get whatever files it had already scaveged? if i delete this file, is it like deleting the files scavaged from the external? can i restart the recovery process?.....i would appreciate any help as i am getting in way over my head!
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