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Spyware hunter killer? I have no idea what that would be? ^^ (maybe a link to one or something?)

Since my PC is offline normally I had no use for anything that protects my PC in any way, but a few days ago I was forced to connect it to the internet for a short time.
I received a few virus warnings and some programs I didn't knew were trying to access the internet. So I updated my anti virus and security software and made a check, but nothing was detected. Afterwards I tried to move some data from my Mac to the PC but it didn't work any longer (both are offline when I am moving files).
So the only things changed were my internet security and virus scanner. I already deinstalled the security prog, but it doesn't change anything.

The problem is not that the files are corrupt, but I can't establish any form of connection or communication from the Mac side. From the PC it works perfectly, but it is a little annoying since I am working as much as possible with my Mac and try to avoid using the PC :rolleyes:
So it isn't that urgent any longer since it works at least in one way (after I found out how to share other things than my private folder...) but any ideas would still be great.

Anyway, I was thinking about reinstalling both OS' some time, so maybe I'll do it now...
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