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oh alright then that can't be too bad

more questions then:

LEOPARD: what will it have new? i have seen the sneak peek at but i doubt that's all. any page where i can get more information?

what's your gues, will there be new imacs released together with it? i simply can't wait for my imac (especially since my current vaio is frustrating me more everyday, fan noise, overheating -> shutdowns, slow, i'm running out of space, etc, etc) but maybe it would be wise to wait for leopard? but then again, if there are new imacs, won't they be full of bugs like the macbooks (with the mooo sound and all) or the ipods (with hdd noise)? so i'll have to wait MORE?? aaaaaa!

and regarding what i just wrote about my vaio: FAN NOISE. is it an issue? is there any noise? or just under heavy load? how heavy is heavy? does it get hot?

and one last question: i'm buying the imac in germany. are there any known limitations for european imacs? i remember reading that the european ipods' volume could not be turned up all the way. just wondering
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