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I have quite the problem to share with you all and I hope you can help.

Today I purchased my new baby, a black macbook. I love it. Also, a 250GB WD MyBook (Firewire too so it must be the pro version, I don't feel like checking the box.)

The issue I am having is everything works fine - for about 2 seconds. If I turn on the HD and leave it unplugged from the computer, it will stay on for eternity. The second I plug it into the laptop, Firewire or USB, it does what it is supposed to do, shows up on the desktop etc etc, I can even see the autorun and mac folder on it, then the hard drive CLICK off. I cannot turn it back on until I unplug and replug the power cord from the back of it.

I'm completely lost as to what to do. I understand it needs formatting but I can't click to the partitioning menus without it shutting off. Please help I appreciate any reply. Thank you.
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