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So, I have a green iMac (450MHz, 512MB RAM[upgrade], 20GB HD) and I was using the hard drive in it to back up some of my music and photos from my PC (with MacDrive) and I was just replacing it now.

I noticed this little black wire before, but just now decided to find out what it is. I've done some looking around, and haven't found much of anything. It has a rubber cover on the end of it's connector and it fits onto this plastic extension part. I assume it goes to some part of something that slides into the two plastic support-looking things, as it has a connector that looks to be like the same one on the back of the DVD-Rom.

Here's a picture:

The connector only:

If anyone knows what this wire does, and what it connects to, mostly what would go in this vacant place, I would appreciate this.

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