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I just got my very first apple system yesterday - an old G3 slot-loading imac, 350MHz w 128MB RAM & 6GB drive.

I think both the hard drive & the CD drive are dead. It was $20 on craiglist because it won't boot - it just goes to a gray screen with a flashing question mark. It will not boot from either the hard drive or any CD (Software Install, Software Recovery, PPC Linux, etc) - when I put a CD in the slot, the drive sounds like it's trying to spin up, but then it ejects the CD a few seconds later.

I can drop it to the OFW prompt & boot linux over the network. I've searched the web but my google-fu is not strong today - is there a way to boot it from a USB CD drive? I'd like to replace the hard drive with a spare I have lying around & re-install MacOS

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