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Originally Posted by xstep View Post
What tool did you use to convert the video? What format did the video camera record in? Was it 1080i, 720p, or plain DV with a widescreen option?

Have you tried my suggestion of creating a new iMovie project as a DV Widescreen format and dragging in the video? I also notice there are HDV 1080i and HDV 720p formats so depending on the source, perhaps one of those will work.

If the camera is not one of these new hi-def cameras, then I believe you'll find that DV cameras that claim to record widescreen are technically squishing the picture within their 4:3 format and expect the user to setup their video application to recognize that fact. That selection is DV Widescreen on iMovie I think.

Recapturing will also likely split the video between the start & stop points of your tape. I've found that a handy feature for managing all those little scenes I've taken.

Recapturing into iMovie may also force you to figure out the problem you are having. If you do, please post the answer here so others can learn the solution.
its a true widescreen camcorder at standard def. Yeah, ive used a widescreen iMovie project the whole time, and nothing.

I think im gonna go ahead and just recapture, seeing as it is the easiest solution.
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