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Well.. first off. I'm using Dreamweaver and it's a very powerful tool. Anyhow, I've been somewhat "designing" websites for some time now. But I do believe that I've been doing it the hard way. :rolleyes: I've been using TABLES, now I know I know.. leave me alone. But I'm pretty darn sure that there is an easier way to make a layout.. because everytime I would "split" a table it would split to a previous measurement.. unless I continue to split and find a split that hasn't been split unto before. (sensicle?) anywho, I was wondering if someone could somehow lay down the basics for me. or at least direct me to a site that will. Also I need help w/ making a "slideshow" type thing w/ pictures continuing to scroll. you know, like one picture pops up then dissolves into another and ecetera. and lastly i've been using vBulletin as my forum software.. but I was wondering if there was something more customizable and such. I know that's a lot of questions.. and probably a lot of dumb ones.. but I really need some help. And it's time to start doing things the right way. :cool: Thanks in advance.....


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