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Originally Posted by Fomer
Rberry... I decided the only way to know if it is is to give it (legal) trial run. I played around with it and noticed under the options "what to happen" when you click minimize button, double click title bar etc. But for the option "WindowShade" mine instead of doing what is done in the picture, my window just becomes a bar with the name at the top and the minimize, x-off, maximize choices... Anyway you could tell me how to turn on the option to make it appear, like in the picture.
Are you talking about getting it to minimize into the little thumbnails??

Here is how I have the minimize option working:

This is called the "minimize-in-place" option. If you just want the bar with the window title and the minimize,x-off,maximize choices then that is what the "windowshade" option does by hitting the Apple button on your keyboard twice.

If this doesn't help you let me know and I can try again.


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