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Originally Posted by Kash View Post
Crucial's website is wrong, the chipset in iMacs most definitely support dual channel RAM. In fact, they use the same chipset that are in the Macbook/Macbook Pro, so it would be odd for dual channel not to work.

In fact, dual channel has been a feature in all motherboards for several years now
I got the following off other forums:

"The iMac G5 does not do Dual Channel access, it does a junior version called 128-bit access. To achieve this, Apple says that the RAM modules must be the same size, speed and 'composition' - but they din't define that very well."

"The people at Crucial tell me that since the new(iSight) iMac has one chip soldered to the motherboard, it's not a dual channel. As a result, the matching of memory sizes will not come into play on the new one."

Can anybody confirm this?
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