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Originally Posted by xstep View Post
If you don't already have it, download and install flip4mac which may recognize the file as wide screen.

Another solution might be to use one of the several conversion programs out there such as ffmpegX to convert the content to a DV file or a QuickTime file. Try a very short clip to figure our the right settings.

If iMovie can read the file, create a 16:9 project and drag the file into it.

In VLC under the Video menu item is a selection for aspect ratio where there are several to choose from. This should at least allow you to play it back properly.

If you know of any software available that can verify the AVI file is setup correctly, I'd run it. I don't have personal experience with this, but it sounds like perhaps the file is missing a hint regarding its layout and the software on the Mac is expecting that, or simply doesn't understand it. I for one will be interested to know what the technical problem is.

the video actually IS widescreen. its being stretched out to 4:3, cause i guess AVI isnt the best format to use on a Mac. I'll have to convert it.
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