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I have some footage of my vacation in New York and Florida in April. When we got home, my Dad copied it onto his PC using Adobe Premiere 6.5.

He saved it as a DV AVI. It plays in perfect widescreen on our PC, but, when we copied it over to my new iMac, it becomes 4:3 non-widescreen for no apparent reason.

I know that the video IS widescreen, as we can watch it perfectly on any Windows computer, but as soon as it gets at my Mac, BOOM! its non widescreen. I've played it on VLC and iMovie and they both do it.

I've even tried playing it off my PC without physically copying it, but that doesn't work either.

The only solution I know of would be to recapture all of my video on my iMac. Although that is a totally viable option, I have literally hours of footage and I need to at least try alternative solutions.

Can anyone help me?

The video was also turned into interlaced footage by Premiere, so I guess recapturing it in iMovie would turn out alot better in the long run.

By the way, the footage is changed into 4:3 by squashing it - not cropping or letterboxing.

P.S. We've only copied over a bit of film so far, so having to recopy that isn't a big deal. I DO NOT want to stretch out the non-widescreen video, I want it like it should be - true widescreen.
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