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I was out in the world hanging out at this grocery store that has a cafe which provides free wireless internet while my wife was shopping today, so I brought my Macbook so I'd have something to do while my wife was shopping. Since I was using the trackpad and didn't need to use my bluetooth Mighty Mouse I figured I'd turn off bluetooth to save a bit of battery, and I noticed that the bluetooth icon wasn't in my menubar. I was sure that I had enabled that, so I went to System Preferences for bluetooth and saw that 'Show Status in Menu Bar' was checked, but no icon. Unchecked it, checked it again, no dice. So I turned off bluetooth from the pane and moved on.

When I got home I decided that a reboot was probably a good idea, since my Macbook had been up for a bit over 8 days. After the restart, my bluetooth icon returned to the menubar, but has anyone else noted a disappearing menubar icon with their Macbooks?
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