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I purchased 2 1 GB sticks from a seller on here, who told me he bought them directly from the apple store. He supplied me with the recipt from the store, the box, one year warranty, memory, instuctions, all offical from apple.

Only there seems to be confusion over what brand of memory apple uses.

When I took out my stock ram, it was hynix. This ram is samsung, with apple stickers on it and all (do not remove/removal may void warrantly & an apple logo).

I got these sticks for 100 bucks for the pair. I know there is cheaper out there, but I liked the idea of upgrading my memory, saving some cash, and not voiding my applecare.

Here's the problem, is samsung actually offical apple ram? Some say hynix. Personally it looks like to me hynix is the basic ram, then samsung is their upgrade model.

I was just curious if anyone else has this memory or has purchased this upgrade or any upgrade from mac and what brand it was.
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