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Amen-Moses is just really niceAmen-Moses is just really niceAmen-Moses is just really niceAmen-Moses is just really nice
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Take a good look at the battery, is it warped slightly maybe? Was the iBook in sealed packaging or could the battery have been placed on a hot surface or something?

Or it could just be a one-off manufacturing flaw.

If the battery itself looks fine I would take the whole thing back and ask for a replacement and then check the replacement before you leave the store.

Where did you buy it btw? I bought my iMac from PC World because if it happens to fail on me within a year they can normally be persuaded to give an immediate replacement from the store. Some of the smaller retailers can't be bullied into doing this as they don't have as much spare stock but the downside is that PC World is not noted for its delicate handling of the stock prior to sale! (I also buy on a business basis though so I have a little more clout when it comes to arguing with the spotty teenagers they use as sales chimps )

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