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Hi all, I currently have an iBook G4 12" laptop, which I have had for about 3 years now. I recently saw a friend of mine who created a fantastic-looking website using iWeb and I would like to try the same.

I only want to create a simple personal site that my friends can check out so I can describe about myself, my experiences during my time abroad, create some simple blog and show off the many photos I have taken.

I'm wondering whether it is better to go for .Mac or iLife. I currently don't have any storage space anywhere online yet where I can store my photos. I'm thinking more of .Mac since it comes with 1GB of storage space and is more focused on web publishing, and I don't think I really need the other applications offered with iLife. I might find Garageband useful in the future, but I may actually already have it bundled with my iBook, although I cannot remember properly.

I'm not too sure about the only 1-year subscription that comes with .Mac though. It would be nice if I could use iWeb to design my website, and then find some alternative space to upload it, including my photos. I'm quite a newbie when it comes to all this website publishing and online space stuff as I've never done it before so I apologise!
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