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I would recommend upgrading the video card simply because that will make OSX's graphics run much smoother. With the stock ATi Rage card, it tends to jerk around a little bit, especially in Safari or other browsers and when using Expose.

With all those upgrades you will have a very decent machine. It won't be faster than the Core 2 Duo, but you will certainly be able to use it for what you need. When they say that the 1.8GHz G4 is faster than the Core 2 Duo, they may be benchmarking it in Adobe CS2 or Office 2004 or some other application that is not universal binary and is only native PowerPC compatible. With applications like CS2, the Intel Macs crawl.

Regarding upgrading a dual-processor G4 with a single-processor G4; as long as the upgrade processor says it is compatible with your model G4 it should work just fine.

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