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My goal is to have two sets of wireless speakers and a hard drive set up on a wireless network so I can access them from my MacBook. The problem that I'm running into is that the internet is first running through my wireless router provided from Comcast, AND I have people in my townhouse that use the wireless internet also. The way I thought it should be set up was as follows: cable wire to Comcast wireless router, ethernet cable from Comast router to Airport Extreme and Airport Expresses connected to their necessary speaker systems. The Airport expresses have been formatted to connect to the Airport Extreme, but I've understood that Comcast has a maximum allowable "units" at 5. When I connect the Airport Extreme to the Comcast router, am I just checking off each of the 5 "units" as they communicate with the Extreme.

I've thought that I can't connect to the Comcast internet wirelessly AND the Airtunes at the same time, so is there a installation format for the extreme that would allow me to do all of this at once?
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