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Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
The G4 1.8 I have been talking about will do all that. It's running Tiger 10.4.9 and very smooth. I would say go with the lowest priced 1.8Ghz you can find and up the RAM to 1.5GB if you can. OSX Loves RAM and Adobe Photoshop (ANY VERSION) Eats RAM for dinner. So give it as much RAM as you can and that CPU and it should be happy.

What video card is in your machine? A real Slow card can make OSX's interface seem jerky. I upgraded another G4 way back and got an older Nvidia GF2 with 32Megs VRAM in place of the 16Meg Ram ATI and it made a lot of difference in smoothness scrolling and moving things around.
It's got a 128MB ATI Rage in there right now. I'm thinking about upgrading to a Radeon 9800 Pro or Radeon 9800XT. However, I think I will try with the processor and RAM first, and if need be, I'll think about jumping on a video card as well. How much does RAM generally run for?

Let's say I get the Sonnet 1.8GHz for $299, a video card for $200, and some RAM...this shouldn't run me more than $700 right? Since I got the G4 DA for free, this should be a pretty good deal instead of dishing out $1500 or more for a newer-generation Apple, am I right?
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