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I just read up a bit on the processors available. Seems there is a newer CPU, the NewerTechnology (MAXPower) 7448 processors, which were just released recently. The MAXPower CPUs (7448) are claiming to be as fast or even faster than today's Intel Core 2 Duos. Is this possible?


Sonnet 1.8 GHz: $299
NT MAXPower 1.8 GHz: $399
NT MAXPower 2.0 GHz: $449
I got these prices from:

Would it be worth paying an extra $100-$150 for the faster (7448)? I can't find any reviews on the maxpower, as it seems to be fairly new, so I don't know if their claims of "faster than today's Intel-based Macs" are true or not.

dtravis7, how much did your processor cost you on eBay?
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