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Hey guys,

Thanks for the advice! I'm leaning more toward the CPU upgrade and RAM, not too sure about the video card, since I won't really be working with 3D, and (mostly Photoshop and Illustrator). How much do CPUs and RAM cost? How do 1.8GHz G4s compare to today's Intel processors? Or to G5's? Or to PCs? I did a bit of searching on this forum and found that there are also dual core CPUs, but if I have a 100 mhz bus it's not worth it. I think I have a 133 mhz bus though...but I'm not certain. I'll double check. I guess I'd need two sticks of 512. G4s don't support higher than 512MB sticks?

Also, where can I get these upgrades? eBay, Mac store? or somewhere else?

Thanks again! I know I have a lot of questions, but I just want to make sure I get the most bang for my buck. :-D
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