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Hey all!

New to these forums, and to Macs in general. I just got a Power Mac G4 donated to me because a friend of mine had it lying around and wasn't using it. I've been searching around and found some information -- people are saying that upgrading a G4 can be pretty good and MUCH cheaper than buying a new one on the market today. I've been an avid PC user for the last 10 years so I'm pretty much a complete Mac noob. Here are the specs on the new machine:

Operating System: OS 9.2.2
Processor: PowerPC G4
Processor speed: 466 mhz
RAM: 641 MB (PC133 SDRAM)
Video: 128MB ATI Rage

It's also got built-in ethernet and and AGP port for video.

Now my question is, is it worth upgrading if I'm on a budget and would like to work on a Mac? What kind of upgrades can I do to it? How well would it perform compared to today's models? I'm a web developer/designer, so I'd be spending a lot of time with Adobe applications and a text editor. No gaming (I've got my PC for that) and barely any video work/editing.

Any suggestions on what kind of upgrades and where I can get them from?

Thanks for any input!

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