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Yep, me again!

This has happened before but I've let it go, this time I can't.

I have almost finished a music video tribute to all the colleagues I worked with and 99% of the clips I imported directly from cassette/camera, however I also took about 6 clips from a previous project on a HD by dragging them onto the desktop, quitting movie, ejecting HD, re-loading movie on my current project then dragging them into the clips pane and integrating them where desired.

This works fine until I quit for lunch and re-open later. As the project loads I get the usual box asking me if I want to view trash but before that I get a box telling me that


The file “****_1” couldn’t be opened and is being skipped. Click “Ignore All” to skip any remaining missing file messages.

Then the same to any other clips I imported from elsewhere. Have tried it again and reloading etc... Strangely enough I see a glimpse of the clips I wanted as it keeps the transition tabs!

Does this sound familiar and is there a solution?

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