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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
I think it's ridiculous to require those things. They don't matter. You could get an external hard drive, or an external DVD writer. Why does it have to be in the computer? I think it's ridiculous that they require you to have a certain computer in the first place. I have a friend who bought a PowerBook at the beginning of our senior year of high school, and then went to MU, where they required Journalism majors to have MacBooks or MacBook Pro's. She had to buy a new computer just to make them happy.
Wow. Things sure have changed since i was in college (2001, not that long ago)...they have computer hardware requirements in the curriculum of Journalism classes now?!!

Powerbooks aren't too shabby even by todays standards...what kind of new fancy, processor intensive software do they use that requires no less than 1.83Mhz Core Duo?
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