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Originally Posted by Phoenix Scanner View Post
Well after some time spent trying to replace everything my pc did with a mac, I have found that it is a hopless task, but strangely, I am OK with that.

Good news or bad? Lets start with the bad:

CAD: As a mechanical engineer, I am forced to live in a cad world. Autodesk hates apple, and will not make a mac version, so I tried alternatives, including turbocad. When loading up a full size DWG file into turbocad, the program and or computer are overwhelmed. Maybe the program was not written to efficiently handle autocad files to be fair, but that is a no-go. Forget about cad on a macbook. Strange though, because cad runs great on windows laptops with similar specs.
Yep. That's a bummer on that. And since CAD stuff is often 3d, you need one of them high end Macs with the higher end graphics cards, run Windows with Bootcamp and do your CADing there.

Gaming: Forget about it! I am not a big gamer, but still enjoy playing Wolfenstein ET now and then, a two year old game that is based on the quake engine. Notchy gameplay with horrible framerates. Gaming on the macbook? NO WAY! Granted, it has integrated graphics, but again pc's with the same specs play it fine. It has to be something about the way OS X functions.
Yeah, that's a bummer too. Though UT2004 runs okay on my Macbook (in Universal binary version especially) but that's about the only game I play. Xbox or PS[2|3] for those.

Adobe Elements: Takes around ONE MINUTE to load the program, very annoying. Works fine otherwise. My pc's have always been able to load full blown photoshop in under 10 seconds. This is a bit upsetting, because you think of a mac going hand in hand with photo editing right? Anyone have any suggestion as to why it would be taking so long? It just doesn't seem right!
That's most probably because Adobe hasn't come out with a Universal (read Intel) version, and I'm assuming you're using one of the newer Intel Macs. Photoshop (non elements) takes awhile to load on my Macbook too. The next versions should be Universal and load much quicker.

As far as your good points, yes I've noted that the Airport is not only pretty quick, it's also danged tenacious in picking up wireless access points. There are access points that my Dell can only access in one specific location and only if you hold it up in the air and point it in what is usually an awkward direction while my Macbook grabs and holds any wireless. My entire house is now all wireless.

And of course I always go with 'right tool for right job' philosophy. I still use Windows for some things (mostly work related) but a Mac is a pretty good tool for about 95% of most people's jobs.
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