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I have one of each (am uni prof) and I actually like the MB for mobile stuff and leave the MBP at home. Both have 2GB ram and are quite zippy and both have XP installed using bootcamp - again extremely zippy.

The university discount is probably less than 10%, so the refurbished option would be the best deal.

A few salient facts were not mentioned above...
The MBP's get hot. I'm talking Africa hot. The whole case is a heat sink and you do not want to set it on your lap.

The battery life on the MB is much better than MBP. I did just install the "battery update" so that may end up helping, but right now battery life is less than 90 min. If I want to get any real work done with the MBP, I need to be plugged in.

I would recommend the black MB and an external monitor for home use since the price diff between the 2 is significant - you could buy a pretty nice display with $1k.

Or you can go with the pretty silver MBP, don't plan on setting it on your lap, and make sure there is a power outlet handy. This is what I do.

Also, don't even think about getting a Linksys wrt54gs router. It won't play well with the MB or MBP.
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