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Originally Posted by xstep View Post
Like USB, Firewire is a connector specification also known as iLink from Sony or the proper spec name of IEEE-1394. Invented by Apple, they use the name Firewire. There are two speeds. The original 400MBs (IEEE-1394a) and the newer less popular 800MBs (IEEE-1394b). I'm sure you can fine more info on Wikipedia or else where if you need details.

You could by a faster external DVD writing and get a performance boost over you internal iMac one.
Well I knew what Fireware was, but I didn't catch on to the abbreviation. So I guess running a 2nd DVD/RW drive from the firewire wouldn't allow me to copy and write at the same time using both drives? I know I could do it on my PC, since it had a DVD/RW drive and a DVD-rom drive.

If that doesn't work, does running a DVD/RW drive over firewire cause any problems with programs as far as burning or does it show up as a regular drive?
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