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On occasion, there have been times, usualy when MBP has been operational for some time and I have a few pages open, that it goes all funny and I can't type, and the letter keys simply type random numbers, so if happened as I was typing this post, it would sudde2083962011030 and I would have to restart the computer to get things back to normal.

However, this doesn't work for the latest i-movie glitch which doesn't allow me to delete unwanted transitions. I just get that annoying sound which tells you you can't do it.

There's many many many clips in the pane but it's only a music video, albeit one which I have been working on for a good fortnight on and off.

Any ideas what could be causing it or what to suggest?

My fan tray doesn't work any more either, I hope that doesn't make problems... I usually have the AC on when working.
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