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Hey everyone! I've been looking at this forum for a couple weeks now and haven't found anyone with my specific requirements, post on which mac to get. Sorry if I didn't see someone elses post.

I am a geography grad student in need of a new laptop and have decided on a mac. I'm just not sure which one. Right now I'm on a 4 and a half year old IBM T30 Thinkpad which is so slow and I'm hating windows.

Here are what I need to run on the laptop:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Parallels to run ArcMap a GIS software program only for Windows which I will use to export maps to then edit in Illustrator/Photoshop
Web surfing/email
Word type program to create documents to be read by others with Word, ie excel type sheets, powerpoints, papers, etc.
Statistical programs
Chat programs

My main use would be editing maps/images in Adobe, and this is why I have decided on a mac, I first just need to get the data out the ArcMap software.

What do you guys think Macbook or Macbook Pro? My thoughts on the Macbook is that it is smaller, so more portable and cheaper so I could get a large monitor as well (have about $2100 to spend). But the Macbook Pro is more powerfull with ram up to 3gbs and if I got it I probably wouldn't get the extra monitor just work with the 15".

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