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A few questions regarding iMac here.

Our family computer recently crashed and since iMac's can now run Windows and Mac OS X, I'm trying to convince my family to switch to an iMac. It's just beneficial in so many ways. You can use Mac OS X for any word processing, IM, web browsing and stuff and not have to worry about viruses as intently as on Windows. But at the same time, the computer game library that my family has connected over the years can continue to be used running Windows on Bootcamp. I'm trying to convince my parents but obviously have a few questions.

I've read a few reports here and there that Apple is possibly launching new iMac's in the near future (presumably to include Leopard). Is there any date or confirmed information for this? I mean, my family needs a computer right away and can't wait for a new set of computers in October, but if there's legitimate sources saying that a new iMac is coming soon, my family could hold off a few weeks.

And is there any deal going on with Apple where if we buy an iMac now we can get a free upgrade to Leopard when it's released? (Similar to how Dell and some other companies offered free upgrades to Vista if they bought a new computer during a certain timeframe?)
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