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I have a PC with 3 hard drives and an external drive (that I really don't use), flash drive worked for my needs. Will use the external to transfer larger files from the PC to the Mac.

Internal is much faster than USB 2.0 external.

The first two drives were smaller SCSI drives, I wanted speed versus size. The third was a standard 180Gb drive. I partitioned each of them. I wanted the OS to run as fast as possible BUT there were a number of programs that would only load to the C drive so it kept getting filled up, had to adjust the partitions to manage it. The second SCSI drive was partitioned to have a swap file at the outer edge for speed, then a few partitions for programs. The third drive was sectioned in thirds for misc. programs, music/pictures and storage.

Easier to manage programs and files in smaller partitions.

Defragmenting is quicker (except you have to do more partitions if you add and remove programs on all of them)

If you corrupt a partition you just need to reformat the partition and not the whole drive.

Have to remember all the drive letters and what partition they are. (I also have two DVD burners and a DVD Rom. Add a flash drive or external drive and you see the picture.

You may fill up a partition and have to re-adjust sizes.

Side note: I use Partition Magic and found it to work well.
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