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hello, a bit about my self.

i have been using window all my life, only mac at my old school and i was just confused.

i got a old crappy desktop and i am looking on a new laptop soon, i was going to get the toshiba and xp pro.

from that a sudden change happend to me when my xbox 360 got the 3 RoL in it and M$ want $200 to repair....i was on you tube n watching the mac ads.

and i thought ''y give money to that bill gates''
so i looked at more n more macs on the net.

i came to a conclusion i would want the macbook the white one, and make is 2x2ghtz 1x1g ram...etc


i am at tafe doin Architectural Technology and one program i will be using is AUTOCAD 2007

i also use in my spare time
photoshop cs2
lime wire
u torrent
window live messenger
google sketch up

and others

now i would go get a mac...but i dont know what i can run on it...what programs...

i know with a pc, windows...i can d/l any program n install it...can i do that with the mac??

and if i was goin to get a mac i would more want to keep it mac and not get windows on it, is that a good idea...i herd you can run both.

also wat are gameplay on the macbook?? like games from the shops??

anyone who reads this can you please tell me what programs you have and can might be a stupid question but its something i cant find the answer to even on the apple site...

oh also, ill be using my mac for tafe...put autocad on it...and all my other things like photpshop....and iwant it to be 100% custom can you make the themes on it.

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