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hmmm.... easiest way and fastest way to transmit data would be to have the two computers networked together through an ethernet router. You should be able to share full hard drives from the windows machine.
If your external HD has a normal desktop hard drive you could take it apart and slave the HD make the current one in the computer the master. I assume that all the HD's have an IDE interface (fat gray ribbon that connects HD to motherboard. You should be able to pickup (if you don't have one) a ribbon that supports two devices. This way you can make one HD the master boot drive (current drive in the PC) and the drive from the external as a secondary drive. There are pins in the back of each drive and a little metal connector w/ plastic around it. There should be a diagram on each HD on how to make it a master and a slave.
Depending on the size of you computer, you could easily get atleast 4- HD's into your computer. You'd have to sacrifice and get rid of the the DVD or CD drive and do the same thing over as stated above with the two HD's.
I would think it'd be the easiest way to get 1TB of storage. I've never tried it so don't hold me to this. I have built PC's from scratch so based on theory (my PC had two HD's and two optical drives) so, it should work.

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