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Welcome and congratulations.

Originally Posted by anjam
So just wondering what i can do in the meantime i have been reading these forums and bought a few mac magazines.
It sounds like you're off to a good start. This forum will be very helpful, and Apple's own support forums can also be helpful and informative. However, for now there really isn't much you need to prepare for. If you happen to need any quick answers to questions once you have the iBook running, you should also try the Help feature found in your Menu bar. It's amazing how helpful (hehe) it can actually be.

Originally Posted by anjam
Also what should i do once i get it in terms of updates and stuff.
The first thing I'd suggest after you get it set up and turned on is to run the Software Update feature. You'll find it by clicking on the Apple in the left corner of your Menu bar. This will make sure you're up to date. I'd then suggest that you download a maintenance program. Two popular ones are OnyX and MacJanitor. They'll make the limited maintenance that OS X requires very simple and easy to perform. I personally use OnyX because it has more features and allows you to also change some settings in OS X.


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