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Originally Posted by anjam
Hey guys and girls. Been around these forums for quite a while and reading up on stuff. Yesterday i finally took the plunge and ordered myself a 12" ibook G4 and joined the forums.

Really looking forward to getting it and just wondering what prepartion i can do in the meantime before i get it. Its going to be my first ever Apple machine and i have only ever used apple computers for a total of like a few hours but i really love the interface and i know i will hopefully grow to love it.

So just wondering what i can do in the meantime i have been reading these forums and bought a few mac magazines.

Also what should i do once i get it in terms of updates and stuff.

Congratulations, an iBook is on my next 'to buy' list.

Preperation... hhhmmm get some clothe diapers to wipe your baby down after every use.

If you don't already have broadband, order it! Then get an Airport station or Wireless router
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