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  • eMac G4 1GHz(?) - 80G HD
  • Maxtor - 300G External HD
  • Randomly acquired HP Windows PC System with approx 80G HD

My Level of Competency:
Mac OS = 7.5/10
Windows= 4.5/10
Basic-to-Moderate Computer Terminology
Limited Networking Terminology

I have an eMac with something like an 80GB HD. I have a Maxtor external 300GB HD. I have a windows machine thats fairly young with a good processor and a hefty HD as well. I don't use the Windows machine. I would love to gut it. I would love to make it into a Media Console or something of the sort. At least it could be converted into a tower of TB HD storage, right?

I would like something that I could back up to. I would like something that could basically be a library for tunes and video. I would like something to which I could potentially add space.

How do I go about doing this? Can someone direct me to some cool instruction page in Mac colloquialism? I don't know much of the Windows jargon and find that every time I get into it I get extremely frustrated.

I have been directed to the FREENAS website. To be honest, most of this stuff is way over my head (NAS, LPR/LPD serving, mt-daapd, PHP over FW, WHS...etc...etc). I'm no programmer and know nothing more about Open Source jargon than I learned from the movie Revolution OS.

I don't mind reading up or learning what needs learned, I just can't start a degree plan based on this project.

Can anyone help? Is there a fix for this situation?

I just want to do something neat with this windows machine so it's not sitting there getting older and collecting dust. I want people to say, 'Wow, that's awesome.'
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