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I live in a small sleepy village on the coast. When I considered the change to a Mac earlier this year, I had to travel over 100 miles to an Apple store to see the real thing. No one I knew had a Mac so I was stuck with the internet or a long drive to help me make a decision. In the next village to me, there is a small estate agent and low and behold, while looking through their window, I noticed that on each desk there were Macs...I nearly fell over. The guy in the shop told me that there was an Apple retailer only NINE miles away....which is where I ended up buying my iMac. Since then, I have seen loads out and about. I am surprised just how many there are. On the new Stephen Fry show "Kingdom" there are more Macs than you can shake a stick at. When I told people I was considering a Mac their reaction was like cold air passing through a bad filling, but that's their hard luck. I think more and more people are looking at Macs, certainly everyone who has seen mine has been impressed - which is good.
After saying all this, I have never seen ANY of the Mac adds on TV.
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