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I have seen a couple of macs in PC world.
However, a pc is industry standard. How often would you see a webdesigner without dreamweaver or a photographer without CS2.
Macs have never been the most common computer choice, mainly because of the excessive price tag, the macbook starts at 750 and i know you can pick up a half decent laptop for 350 and a pretty nice medion for 400 at woolworthes.

The amont of macs I see around is increasing!
But at the end of the day... more people using them, more of a reason to create a virus.
And sometimes its nice to be a minority, I'm pretty sure thats one of the reason why the ZEN sells so well and other make mp3 players as people dont want to be like sheep.

ALso the mac advertisement is bigger than ever at the moment, even in the cinema's its being played.

Im still debating if i should upgrade to vista, as I dont use a pc anymore and xp still furfills my needs.

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