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Hi Guys,

Just need some help. Here's my situation.
I own a 2.0GHz Duo Core Macbook Pro, with 1GB RAM,
and 128MB on my Radeon video card. I made a 30 second after effects (7.0 Professional, legit copy ) project last week, some simple camera fly thru's with motion blur and depth of field turned on. No other effects. It took me 4hours and 53 mins to render. Now here's my problem. I took the same project to work and rendered it on the Macpro that we have, it only takes 38 minutes.That's no suprise to me. But when i tried it on the MacBook Pro we also have at work,which is a core 2 duo, 2.33GhZ with 2GB RAM and 256MB Video Card, it only takes about 1 hour and 25 mins. So my question is, is my machine really that slow, 4 times longer than the 2.33Ghz MBP at work, or am i doing something wrong. The final output is uncompressed 8-bit. Please please help me! It's kinda frustrating... I'm running it on mac os x. Any after effects guru around? Or tweakmysters! Cheers guys!
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