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Originally Posted by Hustle View Post
I'm from London, United Kingdom. I currently go to school and theres one thing i've noticed that last few months.

Macs are very very rare in the United Kingdom. I've NEVER seen a Mac PC in a store, they all use Windows. None of my friends have Mac and none of the ICT teachers have a Mac.

It seems that its hard to come by a Mac.

I looked into Macs about 6 months ago, but i wasn't convinced to get one because of the ''Mac users are full of themselves'' comment.

Although, 1 month ago, i bought a Macbook (white, 1.83 Core 2). I'm pleasantly surprised by it. I think its a lot better then Windows. However, using Windows since i started using computers, its been hard to come to terms with using a Mac every day instead of a PC. I still have a PC in my bedroom which i use on the odd ocasion as i don't like using my Mac for boring stuff like spreadsheets. Thats mainly because its a laptop and laptops suck and doing boring school work.

It just seems even on TV, NO Uk adverts/shows have Macs in them, but looking at American shows and adverts, a lot of people have Macs.

Are British people that boring that noone has a Mac?
Now don't you just love a young bloke that tells the truth now and again...{ ''Mac users are full of themselves''} and I think he is right on the money in some cases.
Yes we are a funny breed inside the Apple:flower:

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