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Originally Posted by GulfVetSAF View Post
Hey. Since you have a .Mac account, download the free program "Backup." Once you have it installed, simply set up a backup schedule to your iDisk... I'm new to a mac so I'm not sure of another way... let me know pls.
Originally Posted by MacHeadCase View Post
Welcome to Mac-Forums, gazzzmoly.

Well if you delete the files which are the source of the mirror, it's logical to think the mirrored files will go too as they don't have any source anymore.

I would agree with GVSAF on this. Backup would be the way to go.
again thanks for the input but i own an imac which is at home put everywhere else i wprk in a windows environment and would like to be able to access th ings via perhaps i didnt make myself clear sorry for any confusion.

back up is fine but it archives everything and is not very windows freindly i would rather not have to download and uncompress my entire documents folder each time i want a single file

i know that there is a simle way around this ie using a folder action to copy to a mounted idisk or an applescript problem is i am a little numb when it comes to mac osx
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