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I am a PC user and I have come to the conclusion, that for me, mac is the way forward.

3 PC's in 18mths. All with the same failures.
Slow, Boring, Predictable
LOUD -WAY WAY LOUD. Fans seem to always be on

Basically, I thought this would be the best place to voice my questions in a bid that you can help me to be prepared.

Firstly : iMac or Mini? - Im thinking iMac, cos everything is already there!

Also, is a 17" iMac big enough a screen for me to use as an everyday surfing the web, msn and hmwrk kind of computer?

Speed : What RAM would you recommend and any other stats you think I should be aware of.

Sorry for the length of this question. I just want to get it right first time round. With the luck I've had over the past few years, its about time i get a decent computer!!

Cheers everyone

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