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Well to spot the first mistake, you can't really be ahead of technology and anything you buy isn't got to stay on top for long.

She's half right about these being not upgradeable, they are but at a cost and to save your Warranty it has to be done by a Apple Store/Specialist.

Really it all comes down to what Applications she'd be running. But Graphics work is very heavy work on a computer but it may help to know whether it's 2D or 3D Graphics design she's into. I would take stab in the dark and predict she's bargaining for more than she needs but that where haggling gets ya, there is no point starting low and going high it's much easier the other way round (from her point of view anyway)

Edit: Just checked how much you are forking out, you might be better off looking at the MacPro and a Dell Monitor instead, seems as if you would be getting more for investment. Plus the MacPro is upgradable.

However there are more intelligent and better experienced people on here

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