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Hi guys,
Need your help as to the new 24" imac i'm thinking of getting. My daughter has requested that i get a 24" imac with the following upgrades.
1. 2.33 ghz intel core 2 duo
2. 3GB of memory
3. 750 GB hard drive
4. nvidia 7600GT 256 MB graphics
5. Apple protection plan
6. Canon MP 830 printer
I put my daughter through college so i think she may know more than me as to what is best. On the other hand the little brat has always asked for things which are top of the line, only to never use them. Like the time she asked for $150.00 dollar sneakers because she wanted to be on the track team. She said she would be up every morning at 6:00AM to run. After the first day she told me i was out of my mind when i woke her at 6:00AM. Those sneakers never had a mark on them. She is my only daughter and has always had me wrapped around her finger.
Anyway, i'd like to know if i'm being taken for a ride? These upgrades come with a hefty price tag and can only be had through Apple. I don't mind paying the price if she is right. She does do graphics and has told me i can't upgrade this computer later. Her opinion is upgrade now so you won't be left in the dust in a few years. She laughs when i tell her i think she wants me to get all these upgrades in case i should depart this world, so she
will be left with a good computer.
Your opinion is valued. Is this overkill,or is it possible she knows what she's talking about? Oh yeah! She did say she would buy me the OSX Missing Manual Tiger edition when she saw me reading the review on this website. I called her on it and asked her for the money now so i could order it. Wouldn't you know she said i forgot my wallet.Thanks for your help guys (gals). Let me know what you think. Gotta go feed my two dogs. There so much better than having children.
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